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stretch marks


BENARES | Care oil for mothers

A body care oil that hydrates, nourishes, prevents stretch marks and calms feelings of discomfort before and after pregnancy, as well as sore breasts.

NEW | Coconut solid soap

The soft solid soap rich in natural fatty acids, coconut oil, vitamins A, D and vitamin E, it envelops the skin in a soft foam and delicately perfumes it with coconut.

Perfumed oils | KERALA collection

Delicately scented oils, multi-use treatments for body, face and hair.


Scented coconut oil
20,00 €

KERALA | Lot de 2

Scented coconut oil


Indulge your skin and hair with Nisha Body & Hair Dry Shimmer Oil, enriched with nourishing coconut oil with the scent of frangipani flowers.

Dry oil, texture with a non-greasy feel, quickly absorbed, and light texture: it will be your summer must-have!