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NEW | Tanjore Beautifying Face Oil

This golden oil with a satin finish enhances the natural beauty of the face.
A true treasure of India, it infuses all the benefits of vegetable oils to hydrate, nourish, repair, protect and sublimate the epidermis in a single step.
Subtly golden, this beauty elixir illuminates the skin and gives your face a healthy glow, all with its divinely summery fragrance.

Coconut solid soap

The soft solid soap rich in natural fatty acids, coconut oil, vitamins A, D and vitamin E, it envelops the skin in a soft foam and delicately perfumes it with coconut.

Our face mask

For the most part, Ayurvedic powders are intended to strengthen and beautify the hair, but these powders are also used for the realization of facial beauty masks and body care.